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Embroidery finish (EMB)

3D (embossed), 2D (flat), or combination

Print (screen print) on fabric insert

Fabric insert is finished with EMB border

Additional thin layer

(Not available for promo hats)

EMB overlay 


Woven insert

Eyelet can be replaced with metal

(Not available for promo hats)

Contrast stitches.

* Fabric matching color is default

Other fabric type can be inserted to crown

(Not available for promo hats)


Special decoration

(Not available for promo hats)

Special decoration 


PVC logo attached

PVC has many different textures.

Please specify the PVC material

(Ask for MOQ for promo hats)

Sophiticated EMB 


Metal grommet

Special reflecting fabric choice

(Not available for promo hats)

Embossed (or debossed)

metal buckle

(Plain buckle is available for promo hats)

(Embossed or debossed buckle is available for >1,000 units


You may choose eyelets to be on all crown panels, 2 or 4 panels, or none

You may choose 'no top button

(Default: Eyelets on each crown panel with top button)

*Exception: Trucker front


Generic label for hat information

(You may integrate your company logo)

Custom woven label

Commonly located on sweatband,

but you may choose another location with smaller label

(See hat option)

Print or EMB decoration

on buckram inside

Screen print

Printed logo on sweatband

(See hat option)

Logo print on innertape

(See hat option)

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