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Nexen Headwear is introducing its innovating new Semi Custom Program to the cap industry as of January 2008.

As seen at the Calagary Western Canada Imprint Show, the new Semi Custom Program will be able to fill the gap between the regular custom program and stock program.

This new program merges the creativity of Nexen Headwear's custom program with its speedy delivery system.

This exiting new program, only available through Nexen, will ensure that the various needs of promotional customers and their discriminating tastes will be fulfilled.


Nexen offers this program to overcome the limitations of a regular stock cap program, which has blocked customers from getting the "customized" designs and colors their customers demand.

Current stock cap models have relatively "safe" designs (in order to meet a wide avriety of tastes); on the other hand, the new Semi Custom caps use the very latest in design specifications and fabric combinations (many of which are available only to Nexen Headwear products).


Nexen Headwear does not keep these Semi Custom caps in its warehouse.

Once an order is placed, Nexen Vina (the main manufacturing plant for Nexen Headwear in Vietnam) will immediately start to produce the caps and ship them by Air shipping.


Each cap is left blank without any logo embroidery (as this is left to the customers and local embroiderers).


These caps cannot be modified in design while they are staying in the Semi Custom Program.


If there are any changes (i.e., design change, logo embroidery or special color, etc.), then it becomes a regular custom order (with delivery in 4-6 weeks by Air shipping, 8-12 weeks by Ocean shipping, after approval).


The Features of this Program

* Delivery in 3-4 weeks by air after the order placement: to Ontario and Quebec

* Delivery in 4-5 weeks by air after the order placement: to Alberta and British Columbia

* Minimum quantity: 144 caps per style, per color


Included Cap Styles

* Low Profile baseball cap

* Medium Profile style (Semi Pro style)

* Classic style

* Runners style

* Short Peak style


Customers Choices for Options

* Fabric material (available fabric only, no special requests are accepted)

* Fabric color (available fabric colors only)

* Other colors (top button, eyelets, stitching, sweatband, inner tapes)

* Shape of front sections

    - Constructed (soft buckram laminated front sections)

    - Unconstructed (no backing behind front sections)

* Back Systems

    - Short Velcro back strap (BS1)

    - Long Velcro back strap with tuck-in end (BS2)

    - Hidden long Velcro back strap with tuck-in end (BS3)

    - Slip through buckle with tuck-in end (BS4)

    - Closed back with partially elasticized sweatband (BS8)

    - Elastic band and hidden Velcro back strap with tuck-in end (BS10)

    - Elastic band and long Velcro back strap with tuck-in end (a variation of BS10)



* Model switching among Low Profile, Medium Profile and Classic style is possible.

* Each model can be removed or changed without notice.