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Nexen Chacede




With over 20 years of international experience in headwear business, Chacede is located in the traditional heart of the textile industry: Seoul, Korea, the hub for the Asian and North American sportswear market.

Thus, Chacede is in constant development of new headwear fabrics and styles.

Using up to date market trend research, Chacede is at the forefront of the international headgear industry.

With direct contact with sub-material suppliers (all supply companies located throughout the Asia, including Korea, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.), Chacede is able to offer market excellent options in the best quality fabrics and styles.

  • Located in the traditional heart of textile industry: Seoul, Korea
  • Constant development of new fabrics and styles
  • Up to date market trend research
  • Direct contact with sub-material suppliers

Dongdaemoon Market - The heart of textile industry.